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Investment Monitoring

We conduct regular monitoring of all the investments held in our managed structures and provide comprehensive reports on performance and risk for all portfolios.

Our investment monitoring service comprises four key areas:

Determining an investment profile for a client and ensuring that this remains valid throughout the life of the structure.

By establishing an accurate profile and risk appetite we can then ensure a best fit with a particular manager. Through our due diligence process we identify some of the best investment managers for discretionary private client portfolios. We continue to monitor and meet with the managers on a regular basis and measure them to a peer group.

It is important to ensure that the investment management process is meeting all the client objectives. By reviewing all portfolios we are able to not only monitor the investment returns and strategy employed, but also ascertain the level of risk being employed on an individual portfolio. Performance measurement software enables us to assess these factors independently from the investment manager.

Assessing portfolio performance, risk analysis and the monitoring of the manager and their processes and market views, results in the production of an individual investment review for each client.

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