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Asset-holding Companies

We provide comprehensive formation and administration services for holding companies which are domiciled in all major reputable jurisdictions, offering clients a wide choice of our offices from which to administer companies.

These asset-holding companies are primarily used for investing in real estate, securities and other types of passive assets typically held by high net worth individuals and corporate clients. The companies may be regular forms of company, Protected Cell Companies (PCCs) or Incorporated Cell Companies (ICCs).

In recent years Family Investment Companies (FICs) have become a popular alternative to Trusts. These are regular forms of company but have multiple classes of shares with different voting rights and different rights to economic participation.

Asset-holding companies are often integrated with other vehicles such as trusts, foundations and limited partnerships, typically spread across several jurisdictions.

We usually provide the entire board of directors and all officers for asset-holding companies, including authorised signatories on bank and investment accounts. In some specific instances we will consider operating a mixed board with external directors. We will also provide a full management and administration service, including bookkeeping, record-keeping, accounting and company secretarial services.

We request that our clients take appropriate tax advice.

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