Treasury services are available to clients of the PraxisIFM Group who prefer the stability offered by cash investments, but wish to maximise their returns or get the best deal on their foreign exchange transactions.

By centralising our cash management service our treasury specialists are able to negotiate highly competitive rates of interest that would otherwise be unavailable to our clients on an individual basis.

We operate a strict vetting policy that is based on liquidity and credit ratings, only dealing with the most reputable and secure financial institutions worldwide. This not only reduces risk exposure, but provides effective diversification while maximising yield and ensuring sufficient liquidity to meet your operational needs.

A foreign exchange service is also available, offering excellent rates of exchange. GBP, EUR and USD are traded for same day value, giving clients immediate access to converted funds.

By centralising our foreign exchange dealing services we are able to leverage our significant scale to get our clients the best FX rates.

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