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Employee Benefits Consulting

PraxisIFM Consultancy FZE is the employee benefits advisory arm of PraxisIFM in the UAE, providing consultancy services to assist employers with all facets of their employee engagement including assistance throughout the medical protection lifecycle.

With medical-related issues; insurance premiums, absenteeism, claim inflation and administration costs being among the highest expenses that employers can incur. We offer a holistic approach to help reduce these by ensuring that employees can find advice and treatment in the most effective and efficient way.

We help employees understand their own health risks and encourage them to take steps towards improving their well being, through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits to the employer include reduced administration time and cost; the ability to forecast, anticipate and control future premium expenses.

  • Construct a holistic approach to corporate health
  • Provide wellbeing awareness programmes
  • Offer a review and reporting service on the physical and financial health of a company
  • Educate and assist clients on various insurance policy options suitable for their company needs

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