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Pensions and Employer Solutions

We offer a range of personal and corporate pension and employer solutions, and private annuity contracts from a number of our jurisdictions across the Group.

Whether this is an off-the-shelf solution or a fully bespoke arrangement, our team of experienced professionals can design and implement a variety of offerings depending on the needs of the client.

Our services include the:

  • design, implementation and ongoing trustee and administration of personal and group pensions
  • design, implementation and ongoing trustee and/or administration of employee benefit plans
  • establishment and administration of non-insured annuity solutions

Personal Pensions
PraxisIFM provide personal pensions predominantly from our offices in Malta and Guernsey. However given the evolution of many personal pension arrangements, we can also offer private client trust services from many more locations to take over trusteeship of many forms of other non-regulated pension arrangements.

PraxisIFM offer in:

  • Guernsey:
    Retirement Annuity Trusts
    157a and 40ee plans
  • Malta:

Annuity Solutions
PraxisIFM offer non-insured annuity solutions from our offices in Guernsey. Typically used as a pension decumulation vehicle, our annuity solutions can provide retirees with a means of extracting pension assets in a tailor made contract over a short term of for the remaining lifetime of the Member.

Unlike an insurance annuity which offers a guarantee to pay the pension income over the lifetime of the member, non-insured annuities are written against the value of the assets, and therefore will generally decrease overtime while the Member receives an income and could full pay out before the death of the annuitant. This noted, should the member die before receiving the total benefits, the residual value can be passed to the annuitants’ noted beneficiaries and is not recalled by annuity provider.

Employer Solutions
Alongside our personal pension and annuity solutions, PraxisIFM also provide a range of plans to cater for a wide range of employer needs. This may be for an entire workforce or for a select group of staff as an incentivisation mechanism. While in some jurisdictions these Employer plans will be implemented as a retirement plan (i.e. linked to the retirement of an employee upon reaching a certain age),

PraxisIFM can also be appointed to implement the following plans, and to act as trustee and administrator:

  • Employee Benefit
  • Long Term Incentive
  • Vesting
  • End of Service Gratuity
  • Employee Savings

The above is all supported by modern day administration software that enables members visibility on their pension assets from where ever they are in the world.

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