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Negotiating the complexities of offshore pension schemes on your behalf

PraxisIFM administers offshore retirement schemes established for individuals, such as retirement annuity trusts, QROPS and QNUPS.

A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) is an HMRC approved overseas pension scheme providing non-UK residents or those leaving the UK with the opportunity to transfer their accrued UK pension benefits to a scheme offering flexibility, tax efficiency and multi-currency options.

A QNUPS (Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes) is an extremely attractive offshore pension vehicle for Guernsey residents, UK residents (whether UK-domiciled or not) and UK expatriates who have retained their UK domicile for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Multi-member or bespoke Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes (RATS) are very flexible pension vehicles for individuals resident in Guernsey and are approved by both the UK and Guernsey Tax authorities.

Retirement scheme services are also available to UK and international clients through our sister company, Trireme Pension Services Malta which provides unique opportunities for structuring pension schemes offering tax-efficiency, security, flexibility and control.

To negotiate the complexities and constantly evolving world of offshore pension schemes email or call us.

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David Hearse
Deputy Managing Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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Nick Mahy
Managing Director, Praxis Fund Services (Malta) Limited
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Dan Dickinson
Senior Executive Officer, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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James Barber-Lomax
Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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Simon Fielder
Regional Chairman, Middle East, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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