Pension Services

Corporate Pension Schemes

Cost effective, flexible pension schemes to help motivate and retain key personnel

Pension provision is an important tool for employers looking to recruit, motivate and retain their most talented personnel. PraxisIFM establishes and administers a wide range of domestic and international retirement benefit schemes including defined contribution and defined benefit schemes for “key” employees or an entire workforce.

Our innovative software system provides employers and members with the necessary tools required to be actively involved in the pension process.

We also provide a wide range of other cost-effective, portable, flexible remuneration packages and incentive schemes such as Terminal Gratuity Reserve Schemes for companies with employees working in a number of different locations.

Email or call us to find out how pension schemes can play an integral part in the recruitment, motivation and retention of your most talented personnel.

Who to contact

David Hearse
Deputy Managing Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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Nick Mahy
Managing Director, Praxis Fund Services (Malta) Limited
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Dan Dickinson
Senior Executive Officer, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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James Barber-Lomax
Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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Simon Fielder
Regional Chairman, Middle East, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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