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Trade Services

Global trade offers the business world fantastic benefits. In the 21st century, the possibilities seem endless.

However, in many countries with interesting opportunities for trade, banking rules and general regulation are still in development. Supply chains might lack transparency, and cultural and linguistic differences often make communication difficult.

The challenge for a company trading internationally lies in keeping oversight and avoiding unnecessary risks. Knowing the difficulties and pitfalls before stepping into a venture offers a significant advantage. The PraxisIFM team knows and understands local and international rules, customs and regulations. After decades of experience guiding business worldwide, we can help you navigate the complex but rewarding process of trading on a global scale.

If you are planning to sell your product overseas, or source imports from a foreign region, you can choose one of our comprehensive, tailored service packages for Direct Import or Direct Export. Included is a range of corporate, accounting, banking, tax management and trade solutions. It is a cost-effective, high quality solution for international trade operations.

Several optional services are available through PraxisIFM, including:

  • Factory audits and product testing – creating transparency in your supply chain
  • Trade fair assistance – identifying the most relevant trade fairs in the region and supporting negotiations with local vendors
  • Logistics coordination services – efficient shipping and tracking of goods

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