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Intellectual Property Rights Services

Unique products, ideas and technology are valuable and need the right protection, particularly in the international business landscape, where the rules for intellectual property (IP) are varied and often complex.

At PraxisIFM, we believe that securing IP rights should be a priority for businesses that plan to be active on a global scale.

We ensure that your product can thrive long-term by acquiring copyrights and image rights for your brand. We take care of your IP administration, from transfer/migration to management. Where necessary, we work with experts like patent lawyers and specialised accountants

Your trademark is essential to your product and brand recognition. Your sign of quality and identity deserves particular protection to maintain your brand image. PraxisIFM helps you with a thorough registration, ensuring the long-term, international protection of your trademark.

What we do:

  • Develop an effective defensive trademark strategy
  • Perform an availability search
  • Provide information for filing and registration

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