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Debt Funds

A comprehensive knowledge and specialist experience

Our experienced team have specialist knowledge of administering debt funds including:

Deal Executions – Administering the purchase and sale of debt instruments, which may involve convening and conducting board or committee meetings and the administration, execution and delivery of debt agreements.

Debt Monitoring – Monitoring both interest and capital cash flows in accordance with contractual arrangements and general maintenance of debt instruments in good standing.

Compliance Monitoring – Monitoring sectors / industries, obligors and credit ratings etc.

Maturity analysis – Reporting maturity profile across the debt portfolios, sub-divided by sector and currency etc.

Floating Rate – Monitoring floating rate notes for interest rate changes.

Cash Forecasting – Providing cash forecasts taking into account interest payments, capital repayments and maturities.

Valuations – Providing debt portfolio valuations at pre-determined intervals in accordance with internationally recognised standards and guidelines defined by the board of directors of the fund.

Collatoralised Loan Obligations (CLO) – Monitoring / reporting underlying debt positions packaged into CLO instruments.

Warrant / Option Conversion – Monitoring / reporting any convertible or derivative elements.

Safe Custody – Maintaining the custody of original debt agreements and certificates in an appropriate location.

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Managing Director, Praxis Fund Holdings Limited
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Managing Director, Praxis Luxembourg SA
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Managing Director, Praxis Fund Services (Malta) Limited
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