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Company Secretarial Services

PraxisIFM provides a full range of domiciliation and secretarial services from the provision of a registered office right up to providing a full footprint or substance service with dedicated staff and office space.

We take care of everything that is needed to keep a client entity in good standing, such as monitoring filing deadlines, keeping proper records of meetings, maintaining close contact with advisors and keeping all registers up-to-date.

PraxisIFM places great emphasis on the proper governance of the entities we administer. Good governance, which starts with putting the right resources, human and capital, at the disposal of each company, will ensure that compliance with all local laws is assured and that your business continues to grow in a sustainable manner.

We leverage our administrative expertise to coordinate the day-to-day activities of your local entities in every jurisdiction we operate in, while collaborating closely with your legal counsel to ensure your business remains compliant.

PraxisIFM provides specialist secretarial services to all types of companies, including:

  • Attending board meetings and taking of minutes
  • Preparation of board packs for quarterly meetings
  • Maintenance of appropriate statutory records
  • Coordinating statutory filings

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