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Give us an overview of your career path so far

I was educated in Jersey and moved to Newcastle for university, where I completed a degree, masters and doctorate in mechanical engineering. However, I decided in the long term that academia was not for me and returned back to the island to undertake the ACA training programme. Once I had completed my training, I went to work for a technology start-up as finance manager and eventually its finance director. I joined PraxisIFM in 2016 as I felt the growth strategy of the Group offered a lot of opportunities for me to learn and make a valuable contribution.

What does your job involve?

My duties change every few months as we are a fast growing business, and what is needed evolves in parallel. On a quarterly basis each company within the Group reports its results to the Finance department and its my job is to consolidate them and analyse the performance at Group and company level, so we gain an understanding of what is going on within our business. I also provide technical accounting advice for the Group and review contracts and agreements to identify any impact on our results. The most exciting part of my job is that I perform the financial due diligence on acquisitions, visit companies the Group is looking to acquire and meet the people to see how their culture fits with ours. I also get to coordinate the production of the Group’s audit and annual report, producing the financial statements and the financial analysis as well as making sure the process runs smoothly and to schedule.

What’s been the highlight of your PraxisIFM career so far?

The first year we produced our annual report as a listed Group, the Finance Director and myself created everything from scratch. We didn’t try to do too much and knew that we were on an iterative journey and that this would grow and improve each year. It was exhausting but so worth it, especially when I look back at the report knowing, that not only did I help produce it but an investor might use it to help them make a decision to invest in PraxisIFM. Now that’s a great feeling.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I spend most of my spare time playing sport. This consists of five-a-side football several times a week, along with badminton and tennis. I find sport to be the best stress relief with the added benefit of earning calories which can be spent on eating pizza. In the rest of my spare time I like cooking, reading, building LEGO, and also helping a few friends run the financial side of their businesses.

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