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How have you found your 2018 summer placement at PraxisIFM?

I have really valued my summer placement at PraxisIFM, the weeks flew by and I was sad to leave! Everyone has been really friendly and approachable and the variety of work I have been given has made the placement extremely enjoyable.

What has it entailed?

During my placement at PraxisIFM I spent a total of five weeks with Funds, five weeks with Trust and two weeks with Pensions.

Working in Funds was really interesting; I mainly worked alongside the new business team assisting them with creating proposals for new funds. This allowed me to see where it all begins and understand how much work goes into the process. I also helped other members of the Fund’s department with a variety of projects.

In the Trust department I worked with multiple teams, also helping them with projects, this mainly consisted of spreadsheets to help bring things together, as well as assisting team members with general tasks like filing, drafting letters and sending out couriers.

During my time with Pensions I worked on an ongoing project that they had for compliance. This was really interesting as I got to look through all their archived files meaning I learnt a lot about the different pension schemes that are offered.

What has been your favourite aspect of this placement?

My favourite part was getting a clearer insight into the different areas of the company. Previously I had only worked in Funds so it was interesting to see what goes on in the other departments. Another aspect that I enjoyed was the opportunity to meet new people. The challenge of being given tasks that I had not come across before was also very rewarding.

If you could give any advice to those considering applying for a bursary scheme, what would it be?

Applying for a bursary is definitely worthwhile. During your final year of sixth form you will probably feel extremely busy, but I would definitely recommend taking the time to apply. Knowing that you have guaranteed work over the summer is comforting and you will gain a lot from the experience. You will also be very grateful for the financial help as it is a very expensive time! One of the main things that made me consider whether I should apply or not was that I wasn’t doing a degree directly related to finance. However, working at PraxisIFM has demonstrated to me how transferable other areas can be in a business. The bursary scheme will give you the chance to get a feel for working in several areas, which I have found very helpful when thinking about future career paths.

How can you apply your experience at PraxisIFM to your university degree?

Working at PraxisIFM over the summer has allowed me to improve several skills that will be useful when I return to university. At times I have had several projects to work between which has helped me learn how to manage my time effectively. My experience at PraxisIFM has highlighted how important team work and communication can be; in my university degree this year I will have assessments in groups, the skills I have learnt in my placement will be helpful for this. Facing new tasks also helped to build my confidence which will be very beneficial for university.

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