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What interested you in the finance industry?

I grew up in Guernsey, where the finance industry is a cornerstone of the economy. My father worked in banking, and this encouraged me to undertake a number of corporate, trust, banking, and accountancy work experience placements while at school. Seeing the diversity of the industry first-hand solidified my decision and, once I left school, I went straight into the finance industry, where I’ve remained ever since.

Why did you relocate to the UK and how did that opportunity come about?

During a period of travelling through Asia and Australasia I found a new love for cities. London was the obvious choice, being both close to home and also one of the most well-connected, international financial hubs in the world. My partner was already living there, and when Rob Fearis, who was Managing Director of the Guernsey office at the time, heard that I was thinking about moving over I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to help set up PraxisIFM’s London office. Everything really fell into place from there, and I became one of just two employees at PraxisIFM London.

What’s working in London like?

Fast-paced, diverse, competitive, sociable, full of opportunities…I love the culture and the busyness of it all (at least I did, pre-COVID) because it’s so different to Guernsey. Of course, I love Guernsey too, but the hustle and bustle of London definitely suits me right now.

What’s been your biggest career highlight to date?

Moving to London in 2017. It was completely outside of my comfort zone and the beginning was a bit of a baptism of fire, but it has benefitted my career hugely. Helping to set up the London office with my MD, Donna Shorto, was not something I ever envisaged myself doing, but I can confidently say it is one of the best things I have ever done. The office is now 17 people strong and I’m very proud to be able to say that I was there from the beginning. Moving to London with PraxisIFM has given me opportunities I never would have had if I’d stayed in Guernsey, or even if I had moved to another firm in the capital. I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend making the move to others.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your area of work?

The financial industry was facing some challenges before the pandemic, but despite this the expectations are fairly positive. Firms across all industries have relied on financial service providers such as PraxisIFM UK to support them through this unprecedented and incredibly uncertain time. When you add in the implications of Brexit looming over us it adds up to our busiest ever six months. While this is great for the company, it’s also very fulfilling personally to be able to help businesses in other industries. Critically, it really highlights the value of our work to the UK economy.

Internally, the team has dealt with the change to working from home very well. It wasn’t easy jumping from an office setting to working at a dining table and having to home school your children at the same time as running a portfolio of clients, but the adjustments and the flexibility PraxisIFM UK has offered us means that everyone has done a brilliant job at juggling everything and keeping our output at its usual high standard.

You were earmarked in the DMJ Governance Hot 100* as a future leader, where do you see your career progressing from here?

I was very happy to see my name on the ‘future leaders’ winners list, and I hope it will help me keep climbing the ladder. PraxisIFM is a great company to work for and the team has supported me no end, through all of my studies, my move from Guernsey to London, and keeping my job open when I took some time out to travel, so naturally my career aspirations involve growing within the company. For me, eventually sitting on the PraxisIFM UK board of directors would be a big accomplishment. I also want to keep learning so that I can continue to train the more junior members of staff and help them to progress in their careers. We have a great team here in London, so seeing and being a part of their progression is always rewarding.

*Josh was spotlighted in the DMJ Governance Hot 100 list as an upcoming future leader in February 2021. The awards set to commend the 100 most innovative, influential, and creative governance professionals across each industry sector throughout the UK and the Channel Islands.

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