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What does your job involve?

My current job is in the New Business team within the Funds department. I have two main aspects to my work, firstly, when a new potential opportunity comes in, I collate information and help prepare presentations to the various committees to see if we would like to quote for a piece of business and if so, prepare the quote. The second strand is that when we win new business I help to launch or transfer the fund, this involves liaising with the investment manager, lawyers and directors to ensure a smooth launch and submission to the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

I started at Praxis Funds in the Company Secretarial team, and worked there for three years. In March 2014 I moved to Praxis Funds Malta for three years to look after the Company Secretarial function, and then returned into the New Business team in March 2017.

What's been the highlight of your PraxisIFM career so far?

Moving to Malta was a fantastic opportunity. I was keen to move away from Guernsey for a bit, and the opportunities that working in a smaller growing office were really valuable. The work was very varied, and I learnt a huge amount, mainly funds, but I also helped with the Trust and Pension departments while they were being established. I really enjoyed the client contact, variety of work and level of responsibility.

Another highlight is that in all three teams I have worked in, I have got on really well with my colleagues. It makes such a difference. When I started in the Company Secretarial team in 2011 I knew absolutely nothing about the job (not even what a fund was) and had an excellent relationship with my team, particularly my supervisor, who was so patient and taught me loads! We became really close and she is still one of my closest friends. In fact, most of my social life stems from friends I have made at PraxisIFM, and I have such fun with the people I get to work with, that it really is such a highlight.

How do you balance work and study?

I’m currently studying for the Masters in Corporate Governance which is a two-and a half year part time course through the GTA. PraxisIFM has been supportive throughout, providing me with study leave so I can attend the full day Friday courses as well as any exam leave. Having generous, flexible study leave really helps with the demands of working full time and studying, and as lots of my colleagues have studied they are very understanding, which really helps. Before the Masters, I was encouraged to complete my Certificate in Offshore Finance and Administration, and when I moved to Malta I was allowed to continue my studies remotely which meant I was able to complete my Diploma in Offshore Finance and Administration and Advanced Certificate in Corporate Governance.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I’m someone that likes to keep busy and try new things so I often find myself agreeing to opportunities that I sometimes then wonder why on earth I have committed myself! That said, I enjoy running (mainly long distances, slowly, so I can run and chat), and in April 2018 completed my fourth marathon. I also enjoy swimming, particularly in the sea, and in August I swam to Herm. I’m a Brownie leader which is one of the highlights of my week, and really rewarding to volunteer back into the community. And I also belong to a book club and a knitting/sewing club (I’m trying to learn to sew with varying degrees of success).

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