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Give us an overview of your career path so far

I started my career at the Guernsey Income Tax Office as a Collection Officer where I was responsible for Petty Debt Collection. After three and a half years of spending the majority of time in court and dealing with difficult situations I decided a change was needed and started at PraxisIFM as an Assistant Trust Administrator in a team of four, specialising in property investment. Within a few years these specialisations were removed to allow staff members to gain experience in dealing with all types of assets and clients alike. I enjoyed this variety and thrived dealing with different structures and their needs. PraxisIFM has supported me in obtaining STEP and also completing a Bachelors Degree with Manchester University in Trust and Estate Management. I was also fortunate enough to receive a one year sabbatical to travel the world with the security of my job when I returned. Fourteen years on I am now a Director of PraxisIFM Trust Guernsey responsible for a number of client relationships with complex structures.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Diversity, no two clients are the same. I really enjoy being challenged and our industry provides the chance to offer a bespoke service for many different high net worth families and institutions all with their own needs and objectives. We can provide Trust Services for large family wealth with many different dynamics between family members. I thoroughly enjoy building a good rapport with clients and intermediaries. Gaining an understanding of their philosophy and culture is imperative to truly understand what their wishes are when it comes to the structure’s assets.

What makes PraxisIFM a good employer?

The recognition, support, trust and the level of responsibility we receive. The whole time that I have been here hard work has always been noticed and rewarded, one main advantage of being an independent, management-owned firm is that the decision makers are on the ‘shop floor’ and can see first hand the hard work that is put in by staff members. Even since the listing on TISE we have retained that culture and in my opinion PraxisIFM has always recognised hard work and entrusted staff. PraxisIFM is also a keen believer in personal development at all levels and has always openly supported staff through studies that will enhance their career, as mentioned above PraxisIFM have supported me through several years of study but this would all be in vain if it didn’t also translate into on the job experience. Fortunately these real on the job opportunities have also been available in abundance and have allowed me to use my qualifications in my job and develop my career.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

Pretty much anything sport related. Back in my youth I played a number of sports in tandem but I now find myself juggling activities which allow me to still move the next day. I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Under 23 European Cricket Academy many years ago and PraxisIFM supported me in my trip to Mumbai where I attended a two week training camp. Nowadays you’ll find me either on the golf course or in the garden maintaining my vegetable allotment, my tomatoes are very good if I do say so myself.

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