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Extensive experience in property fund administration

The Group has over 15 years’ specialist property fund administration experience in sectors such as UK commercial and residential, developed markets, Western European commercial, Japanese residential, emerging markets, Eastern Europe and Russia.

The property structures supported include general partner and limited partnerships, Guernsey registered funds, Luxembourg specialist investor funds, and Maltese professional investor funds together with structures listed on the London Stock Exchange or traded on AIM.

Property funds have unique characteristics and our strengths are focused accordingly. For example:

Deal Execution
Close liaison with lawyers, advisors, and the board or trustee of the fund ensures that the property deal documentation and due process is completed successfully and on time. Assistance with refinancing funds is also available.

IFRS Reporting
Regulatory filing deadlines are becoming increasingly important. We are experienced in the preparation of consolidated financial statements and have an excellent track record of meeting deadlines.

SPV Communication
Funds invest through a number of SPVs to take advantage of appropriate tax treaties. Our systems and reporting packs ensure that timely and accurate information is obtained from SPV administrators in jurisdictions such as from Luxembourg, Cyprus, Hungary, Poland, Japan, Uruguay and Brazil etc.

Board Reports
Board packs are tailored to the individual requirements of each board and can include specialist property board papers such as individual property reports, valuations, structuring and tax reports.

Our teams have the knowledge, expertise and experience to advise you on the most appropriate fund structure to meet your requirements. Email or call us.

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Chris Gambrell
Managing Director, Praxis Fund Holdings Limited
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Robert Kimmels
Managing Director, Praxis Luxembourg SA
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Nick Mahy
Managing Director, Praxis Fund Services (Malta) Limited
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