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Jersey’s reputation for reliability, political and economic stability, and a sophisticated and comprehensive infrastructure of laws has kept the island at the forefront of global finance for over 50 years.

Independent - Although its allegiance is to the British Crown, it is not a part of the UK and is not represented in the British Houses of Parliament.

Stable - Jersey has its own democratically elected Parliament, which has consistently maintained responsibility for domestic affairs including fiscal matters. Jersey also operates its own judicial system, which is based on common law principles. Furthermore, Jersey is debt-free, with stable reserves and a policy of balanced budgets.

Tax neutral - Jersey offers a tax-neutral environment, with no Capital Transfer Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding Taxes or Wealth Taxes. This provides tax certainty and allows for fiscally efficient cross-border investment.

A robust, modern and sophisticated legal framework is the source and foundation of Jersey’s finance industry which has developed an enviable breadth and depth to its extensive range of products and services. 

The Jersey Financial Services Commission is responsible for the regulation, supervision and development of the financial services industry in the island.


Who to contact

Marilyn Conolly
Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
Richard Kearsey
Managing Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
Stuart McInnes
Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
John Medina
Director, PraxisIFM Group
Brian Morris
Executive Chairman, PraxisIFM Group
Liz Nursey
Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
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