Quite simply one of the most stable, experienced and well regarded international finance centres

PO Box 296
Sarnia House
St Peter Port
Guernsey, GY1 4NA

T: +44 (0) 1481 737600
F: +44 (0) 1481 710511

A mature, vibrant and innovative international finance centre, Guernsey’s reputation for the provision of international trust and corporate services is well established and the island has become the jurisdiction of choice for an increasing number of leading fund promoters.

Ranked among the most reputable and significant offshore centres in the world, Guernsey is host to a number of experienced fiduciary operations and companies involved with the structuring, launch and administration of funds as well as high quality legal, accounting and audit firms.

The practical advantages of Guernsey include:

  • political stability based on self-government dating back to 1205,
  • the absence of political parties which means that the Island is not prone to pendulum swings in regime or policy,
  • a unique constitutional relationship with the European Union,
  • a skilled, experienced, English speaking workforce, and
  • close proximity to the London and European markets.

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission, a statutory, autonomous, non-governmental body, ensures that Guernsey’s regulatory regime remains pragmatic, whilst continuing to meet international standards. 

The Island’s reputation is protected by financial legislation and regulations which have been recognised as being of the highest standards by global authorities including the International Monetary Fund, the Financial Action Task Force and the United Kingdom government. Guernsey is quite simply one of the most stable, experienced and well regarded international finance centres.

Who to contact

Robert Fearis
Managing Director, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
Chris Gambrell
Managing Director, Praxis Fund Holdings Limited
Lesley Fox
Senior Manager, Cash Management, PraxisIFM Treasury Services Limited
David Piesing
Director, Head of Wealth Structuring, PraxisIFM Trust Limited
Simon Thornton
CEO, PraxisIFM Group
Ray Tully
Managing Director, Praxis Corporate Finance Limited
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